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WalkingTourMap Architectural Walking Tour: explore some of Fort Lauderdale's oldest surviving architecture.  A number of Victoria Park's residences predate the hurricane that almost destroyed our city in 1924.  Take a stroll back in time, when Victoria Park was a quiet suburb on the outskirts of town.





Fundraiser Poster: we have a limited number "The Gates of Victoria Park" available for purchase 





 Photos of Victoria Park: a friend of the neighborhood named Shawn Aric Williams lives "next door" in Flagler Heights. He has posted his collection of Victoria Park photos on Facebook. They capture the eclectic look of Victoria Park, ninety years in the making, and still evolving.  Check out his UrbnPlannr page for an up-to-date look at the amazing development taking place in and around downtown Fort Lauderdale.    Thanks Shawn for letting us post some of your photos on our site!




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Fort Lauderdale Magazine:  

Mid-Century Modern Architecture Makes a Comeback

Maggie Gunther Sept 21, 2012 





Fort Lauderdale Historic Preservation Inventory






















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Architectural Walking Tour  REVAMP


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Architectural Walking Tour REVAMP: we need your help
Several years ago, the Aesthetics Committee created a Victoria Park walking tour and printed a brochure which explained several of the traditional architectural styles of houses in the neighborhood, and included a map showing examples of these styles.
The brochure needs updating, and we want to expand the criteria for houses to include most eras of homes in Victoria Park, from the Twenties through Mid Century and into the 21st Century. 
We want to include, and are looking for, suggestions for additional houses for the tour. Would you be willing to pay $25 as a donation to the Association to nominate your home, or to nominate another home that you believe is worthy of being on the tour? The funds will pay for brochure printing and -- hopefully -- assisting in the creation of an official Victoria Park archive which we hope will be maintained by the Broward County library system.
Please give us your opinion by e-mailing us:
Just write: 
YES          -           I’m willing to donate $25 to submit an entry -- OR
NO           -           I’d like to submit an entry, but am NOT willing to pay $25
The deadline will be June 30, 2015 so we can move the project forward in a timely manner. THANK YOU for your help!


Architectural Walking Tour  REVAMP


Hist Home Tour final flattened

side two of historical walking tourfinal flatten


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