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Trash and Recycling

CITY OF FORT LAUDERDALE MUNICIPAL SERVICES - for questions about the City's garbage collection services or to schedule a pick up, call 954-828-8000.

For Code Compliance regarding trash left on the street overnight, etc, call 954-828-5207

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By JD Camp

If there’s a big event happening in Fort Lauderdale, there’s probably a recycling volunteer from one or more neighborhoods helping out by collecting cans and bottles, distributing information, or answering questions.

After 13 years, I am stepping down from this position as Victoria Park’s liaison to the City.

The program earns easy money for the Association by helping to staff recycling positions at City events. In the past, we have helped at parades, festivals, the Air & Sea Show; even our own neighborhood’s mega yard sale. Sometimes I have enlisted help from other VP volunteers for larger events, or if I have been unable to participate.

All the neighborhood events for which recycling liaisons volunteer must be pre-approved to earn the points that we convert to dollars at the end of the year. Liaisons attend a meeting every other month to schedule event participation and to learn more about the City’s recycling program. The representatives from the other Fort Lauderdale neighborhood associations are very nice – a fun group of people to work with.

If you are passionate about recycling, or would like to get more involved, I hope you will consider volunteering for this worthwhile position. Please call me at 954-802-2202 if you have any questions.


The City provides garbage collection to most* of Victoria Park on:
household waste: --  Wednesdays and Saturdays
(use the  65 gallon "black" wheeled container for food wastes, household trash and non-recyclable material)

* Mondays and Thursdays for the northeast areas of Victoria Park:
       north of NE 8th St between NE 16th Terrace and 20th Ave
east of Victoria Park Road between NE 6th St and NE 8th St
yard waste  --  Saturdays    for all of Victoria Park
(use the 90 gallon "green" wheeled container for leaves, grass clippings, small branches)
recycling  -- Saturdays    for all of Victoria Park  
(use the 65 gallon "blue" wheeled container for recyclables)
bulk trash -- 2nd Thursday of the month   for all of Victoria Park
(leave curbside -- see rules below)


The City now recycles 100% of all yard waste. Do not use yard waste cart for household garbage, and do not place yard waste in garbage cart. Place all carts and bins curbside by 7 a.m. Leave at least two feet between each cart and bin.  Garbage should be put out no earlier than the night before scheduled collection days and receptacles returned to their enclosures no later than sunset on the day of collection.

WEEKLY RECYCLING -- every Saturday
Please use the 65 gallon "blue" wheeled container for aluminum, steel and tin cans; glass bottles, jars; milk/juice cartons; plastic bottles labeled 1-PETE, 2-HDPE, or with a "neck"; newspaper, junk mail and corrugated cardboard (top half of your pizza box is usually clean enough to recycle), . Please lightly rinse dirty containers to keep from soiling paper material. Remove all screw lids but toss them in too. Please click on the  recycle symbol to the right for the latest information on our city's program or contact the city's recycling coordinator, Loretta Cronk at:

Bulk trash must be placed curbside no later than 7 am of the day of pickup, and no earlier than 24 hours prior to a scheduled pickup.  You are subject to a fine if trash is left curbside at other times.


The Bulk Trash Pickup Program features bulk trash collection of large household items and tree trimmings, up to 10 cubic yards in size, for residential customers.  Items accepted for bulk trash pickup include appliances, furniture, carpet, mattresses, toys, wood scraps, cabinet doors, tree clippings, leaves in boxes/bags or tires (4 max.)  Hazardous waste -- such as motor oil, paints, car batteries, fertilizers, propane tanks, etc -- are NOT accepted for bulk trash (Broward County offers disposal of these items on a regular schedule -- for dates and locations contact the County at 954-765-4999). The City provides special pickups by appointment, for a fee, for items exceeding the 10 cubic yard limit and for additional services -- contact them at 954-828-8000 for more information. The City now recycles 100% of all yard waste. Separating yard waste from other bulk trash at the curb helps keep disposal costs down.  Also please separate out glass items such as mirrors, glass doors, windows, etc. for safe handling.  Pile trash in areas away from parked cars, fences, trees, overhead wires, or other obstacles that interfere with large loading equipment.  Bulk trash must come from your property -- no combining trash with neighbors or trash imported from other locations.
MULCH helps save water, reduce weeds, build soil as it naturally decomposes, and create attractive landscapes.

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